Display Box

Product Protection With High-End Finishing Treatments

Display Gift Pouches

Use display boxes to present your products and grab the attention of your customers - whether on your own store's shelf, at a pop-up event, or at a retailer's. Custom printed display box packaging is perfect for packaging lightweight products such as nutrition bars, candy, lip balms, and more.


Perfect as Counter Display Boxes

Fully customizable

Retail display boxes are fully customizable in print and size to fit just the number of products you want. Print your custom designs on the outside, inside, or both. Enhance the appeal of your packaging by including add-ons such as embossing, debossing, foil stamping and more!

Premium quality & lightweight

High-quality materials and finishes ensure your counter display boxes live up to your brand's reputation. Product display boxes are lightweight and can be flattened, making it easier to transport.

Minimums from 300

The MOQs for custom display boxes start at 300 units per size and design.

Eco-friendly Retail Display Boxes

Soy-based ink

Printed with soy-based ink which ensures nothing toxic is added to the environment.

100% recyclable

Paper based display packaging is completely recyclable. These cardboard counter display boxes are made from sturdy material that uses post-consumer content and a water-based coating to protect your printed artwork.

Looking for greener packaging? Kraft paper has a sustainable manufacturing process and is 100% biodegradable and compostable when uncoated with finishes.


Style of Choice

Hand packed display boxes

The best display box option if you will be packing your products by hand. Simply assemble your box, pack your products inside, and close your box. No machines needed! Opt for an auto-locking bottom for ease of assembly.

Machine packed display boxes

If your products and packaging are to be sent to a packing facility where machines will be packing your products into the boxes and sealing them, opt for machine packed display boxes. All display boxes are delivered flat.


Ultimately, Display Box are ideal for brand’s whose customers expect that added layer of luxury and a white-glove presentation that makes their products stand out.

Custom Retail Packaging and Display Box

Brands looking for unique Display Box to enhance their product’s retail appeal will want to take a number of factors into consideration when searching for a printing packaging partner offering Display Box.


These style points include:

  • Full Cover Lid
  • Partial Cover Lid
  • Rigid Setup Boxes
  • Shoulder and Neck Display Box
  • Magnetic Lid Display Box
  • Rigid Drawer Box with Ribbon
  • Rigid Drawer Box with Thumb Hole
  • Match / slide-style

When seeking custom Display Box that compliment your product and capture your buyer’s imagination, working with a company like Global Printing that offers affordable, high-quality retail packaging solutions with the goal to increase sales is paramount to business success.

Custom Printed Display Box Inspiration

Two Piece Display Box Designs

Display Gift Pouches are in many ways the gold standard of product packaging.

We’ve all felt that twinge of anticipation when opening a gift that contains jewelry or a new smartphone. Display Gift Pouches deliver that enhanced buying experience with an unbeatable combination of strength, endurance, and simple elegance.

Designed with high-end finishing options, these boxes are used in virtually all luxury goods industries and niches. We will help you create the most effective package design for your products, using the standard gift box with other configurations, like a molded plastic platform within the box that holds accessories.

We also provide a series of processes that enhance the retail experience for your customers, and provide a truly luxurious look. Soft touch coatings, spot gloss application, and foil stamping are just a few of the techniques we use to take your product appeal to the next level.

With over overseas production facility, we offer extremely competitive pricing on Display Gift Pouches compared to domestic providers. In addition, our customers can take advantage of bulk pricing with our free warehousing services. We will hold your packaging until you are ready for delivery.

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